“Our business relies on GreenWave, without it we don’t have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.” -Dianne CFO NY

“We knew that we were leaving money on the table when it came to commissions, GreenWave helped us realize and fix it fast.” -Kent CEO PA

“For years we were manually processing commissions. Always putting in data from schedules and statements, using multiple worksheets. It used to take so much time just to get information to the place where we could process commissions, but now it’s all in one place and instead of spending multiple days a week, just on commissions, I can now do it in a couple of hours and spend more time focusing on my business.” -Chris VP CA

“It’s really nice when you can feel comfortable knowing that you are getting every dollar that is owed to you. Before GreenWave we never had that.” -Patricia VP TX

“Since we installed GreenWave our sales have increased because my people are spending more time working with the agents instead of working with spreadsheets.” -Randy CEO NJ

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