Slava Isayev is Greenwave’s Founder and CEO.

With over 30 years of experience in technology and insurance he made it his personal mission and his company’s mission to liberate, inspire and encourage our clients’ growth through application of innovative technology and exceptional service.

Slava’s career started when in the age of 12 he was invited to program accounting systems in a textile plan in Kostroma Russia – a city he grew up in.

In the age of 19 he won a Scholarship of President of Russian Federation – the most prestigious scholarship and a highest award for academic and professional achievement for a student. Only a few students were ever awarded this honor. He continued with his graduate education at Cornell University with full scholarship provided.

In 1999 he came back to work for a technology company in NY and then insurance company in NC.

Then GreenWave was born.

We have spent the last 18 years studying commission processes working directly with CEOs, COOs, and commission teams of insurance agencies, BGAs and IMOs.

During these years, we noticed that growth-focused agencies, like your own, always get caught into one of the traps surrounding the commission process.

This process, while seemingly simple and straightforward, is invariably very complicated.

Any of these traps will cause a bottleneck, slow down and restrict your growth, and make you miss out on profitable opportunities.

Even the most advanced agencies struggle because of these.

Our experience is here for you.

In 2000, he started a company called SPI Software Solutions (later renamed to GreenWave) providing software and consulting to baking, financial, insurance, manufacturing and law enforcement organizations.

In 2002, his first commission solution for group benefits and health GAs went into production allowing his clients grow their revenue 3X over the next 3 years and reduce their manually processing staff to 1/10th – nine of the people lost their jobs!

The liberated personnel was re-tasked to assist producers with the sales process administration maximizing producers’ ability to enroll more clients.

In 2010, GreenWave was born.

Now completely redesigned browser-based software as a service, it was targeted to GAs, MGAs, BGAs and IMOs of the Life, Annuity, Disability and LTC market.

It also carried ability to handle Health, Group Benefits, Medicare and Med Sup lines of business. This has become and now continues to be Slava’s and his company’s primary focus.

Now, through all the years, and in the future

our purpose remains the same


OUR MISSION is to liberate, inspire and encourage our clients’ growth through application of innovative technology and exceptional service.


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