Imagine how it would feel to…


find an additional $100,000 or more ANNUALLY

in your BGAs, GA, IMOs or agency!



We’ve been doing exactly that for the last 20 years by helping insurance distribution organizations manage their commissions and compensation powered by

  1. the only enterprise-grade commission management system in the market and 
  2. high-touch onboarding, consulting, and management services.

Our mission is to liberate, inspire and encourage our clients’ growth through application of innovative technology and exceptional service.

We are dedicated to eliminating commission errors and clearing the life of your team from tedious manual repetitive work through better process and high automation.

All of this – to achieve

  1. higher profitability,
  2. happier and more effective team, and
  3. increased business growth!

If you are looking for a highly effective commission process that’s GUARANTEED to work powered by the BEST COMMISSION SYSTEM in the market…

You are in the right place!

Welcome! Come on in!

Slava Isayev


Join our Workshop!

Learn how to 10x your investment and find extra $100,000 in your business NOW!

  • Attendees will have a chance to receive an autographed copy of “Commission Management Secrets!”
  • Learn how to create the “Owner” of the process without the risk of having only a single person knowing how it all works.
  • What are the 5 key steps to creating a highly effective commission process of your own.
  • How to automate the entire commission management process.

GreenWave Demo

  • Watch this short 15 minute overview of how GreenWave can simplify the complicated business of commission management.
  • How our system is scalable to handle millions of commissions on millions of policies or just a few.
  • How we integrate with industry tools such as iPipeline Agency Integrator, Ebix Smart Office & Agency Ware, and more.
  • Take a quick tour of the system in just a few minutes.

GreenWave Journey

  • Do you want to minimize your growing pains?
  • Do you want to grow quickly?
  • Do you want to make sure that you’re always using the most effective tools for the job at each stage of your growth?
  • Let’s plan the road ahead of you together!

Let’s Talk!

  • Schedule a 15-minute call with our CEO – Slava Isayev
  • A simple evaluation to understand where you need assistance
  • Executive to Executive
  • Process Evaluation & Best Practices
  • GAP analysis

Commission Management Secrets

A new book by CEO Slava Isayev

  • There are at least 5 ways you are potentially leaking money from your Agency
  • The carriers are not incentivized to pay you correctly, even though they think you are
  • Operations can be the key to growth, if you do it properly
  • Technology alone is not the answer

NAILBA 39 Shared Documents Dowload 


  • 2018 State of Insurance Commissions Report
  • 5 Secret Traps of Commission Process That Can Undermine Your Growth
  • BSMG Case Study
  • GreenWave-Brochure-Benefits & Feature
  • And more…



Discover the latest about streamlining your commissions