Say goodbye to chaos.

Eliminate scattered Excel spreadsheets and empower your commissions team with a better solution – GreenWave. Consolidate carrier schedules/grids, broker rules/overrides, and all transations into one secure web-based commission-focused platform developed specifically for the insurance industry. Greenwave strives to help businesses increase the  accuracy and reliability in the management of their commissions.

All of your data in one place

  • The only enterprise-grade, commission-focused solution specifically developed for the insurance industry.
  • Enjoy the convenience of our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, eliminating the need for backend systems.
  • Securely access all of your data from any web browser.
  • Serves your "Master System of Record" for critical commissions process, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Commission Grids

  • Streamline your commissions schedule management with our powerful and flexible solution.
  • Familiar Excel-like, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Create and manage complex hierarchies and commission splits effortlessly.
  • Easily handle career schedules/grids, agency overrides/bonuses, and first-year/renewals.

Hierarchies, Policies and Cases

  • Connect directly to your Agency Management System (AMS) through our Easy Sync feature.
  • Import carriers, lines of business, products, agents, cases, and hierarchies’ data directly from your AMS.
  • Seamlessly integrate with popular AMS platforms such as iPipeline Agency Integrator, Ebix Smart Office & AgencyWare, and more.
  • Enjoy the benefits of fully automated and secure data synchronization.
  • Easy Sync maintains connection integrity, even when your AMS undergoes functional updates.

Automatic Statement Delivery

  • Process and validate each line of all your commission statements efficiently.
  • Utilize GreenWave's Smartconnect technology to digitize and import statements into the system seamlessly.
  • Support for automated import of ACCORD XML, CSV, TXT, and PDF formats.
  • Stay informed with GreenWave's alerts, notifying commission managers when statements are imported successfully.

Agent Portal

  • Generate multi-carrier payment advices (statements) for each producer and broker in your downline
  • Automate the scheduled email delivery of payment advices for enhanced efficiency.
  • Utilize a powerful role-based workflow to verify, approve, post, and deliver payment advices.
  • Offer your producers an alternative Agent Portal option, granting them access to their payment history securely.

Accounting Integration

  • Seamlessly connect EasySync to your Accounting System (e.g., QuickBooks).
  • Export your payable records via IIF for smooth integration.
  • Enter adjustments directly in GreenWave and send them to QuickBooks seamlessly.
  • Manage and close periods effortlessly, ensuring accurate and streamlined accounting processes.
  • Experience fully automated and secure accounting integration.


  • Gain valuable insights with reports on expected vs. received commissions.
  • Utilize revenue projections to make informed business decisions.
  • Access the Keep Report for a clear view of net revenue.
  • Generate producer compensation grids to ensure fair and transparent compensation practices.
  • Analyze production reports to evaluate agent performance and identify growth opportunities.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of Easy Ad-Hoc Reporting for customized analysis
  • Receive Custom "Built For You" reports tailored to your specific needs.


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