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Why our customers are delighted with our Commission Management Software & Services.

Saves Time

“We wanted a faster way to process commissions because we were always weeks behind in processing. From the payments versus people versus Excel sheets, there was always a backlog of commission, so we wanted a way to do it faster and we wanted to keep up with technology. With GreenWave we can pay as soon as we get commissions in, we’re a lot faster so I’m able to do other things for the company beside just focusing on commissions.”

Jessica Heeps
Brokers Services Marketing Group

Team & Customer Service

“Your team is just a real joy to work with because you all work so hard, just as hard as we do, for our business. There’s never any question about whether you’re going to do everything necessary to make this work. It’s great to work with people who really are part of a team. A part of our team. I really do appreciate you all.”

Catherine Hallett
Controller, Hallett Financial Group

Finds Carrier Money Errors

“GreenWave definitely makes things smoother. I don’t think we realized how many discrepancies there were on some carriers’ reporting.”

Emily Millett
Commission Supervisor, Garity


“The process improves accuracy. Once you have all the schedules set up correctly and once you have everything entered, by the time you hit the backend, it’s going to be accurate. With all the time saving now we can spend our time actually revising the schedules and other data maintenance so we can be more proactive checking on the renewals and all the other aspects. They’re the best solution out there!”

Lionel Gusti
Commission Manager & IT specialist, Innovative Solutions Insurance Services


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