Producers Choice Network to Use GreenWave Commissions for Commission Management

May 19, 2022 | Press Release

Producers Choice Network, a division of Raymond James Financial, joined GreenWave family in December 2021. GreenWave Commissions will provide commission management software and services for their Life and Annuities insurance portfolio. Specifically, GreenWave will help PCN’s Operational support team provide efficiencies in commission management and deliver payments faster to their member Broker-Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors and Financial Professionals.

“We see tremendous opportunity partnering with GreenWave to achieve the scalability necessary to support our growth utilizing their technology solution. It is not just their unique technology that is helping us, but their team’s clear understanding of the challenges we face, assisting with optimization of the process and fitting their solution into our operating environment—not making us fit into theirs. We are very excited to tap into all the GreenWave’s potential!” says Beth Maziad – Senior Vice President, Raymond James Insurance Group, Producers Choice Network, Global Wealth Solutions.

“We’re able to bring efficiencies throughout the entire process, from schedules to payout and make sure that it fits their unique model and versatility of relationships. By standardizing the process across all lines of business and leveraging GreenWave’s automation and integrations, PCN’s team has more time and capacity for high value offerings and can provide management with analytics that were previously challenging to attain.” says Slava Isayev, Founder & CEO of GreenWave Commissions.

The two are looking forward to the partnership to better serve the customers.

GreenWave Commissions

With over 30 years of experience in technology and insurance, GreenWave Commissions is the leader in commission management software and services for Brokerage General Agencies, Agencies and IMOs. They provide various levels of service and technology which are custom-fitted to individual client’s needs and surrounded with hi-touch customer service.

Slava Isayev is Founder/CEO of GreenWave Commissions and the author of the book Commission Management Secrets – a definitive guide to highly effective commission management for brokerages and agencies. Slava has made it his company’s and his personal mission to liberate, inspire and encourage clients’ growth through application of innovative technology and exceptional service.

Producers Choice Network

Producers Choice Network (PCN) is a national partnership organization with the purpose to help plan, protect and grow the financial well-being of each life served. As a world-class insurance solutions provider, PCN believes in the importance of placing others first, keeping promises and planning for life.

With 21+ years of delivering service excellence inside the financial planning industry, PCN connects Broker-Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors and Financial Professionals to key business development experts, streamlined technologies and practical planning resources to help elevate the planning experience delivered to those served.