We have invested and are continuing to invest thousands of hours, millions of dollars and countless cups of coffee to bring to you a unique process, a platform and services. They will guide you to safely avoid these traps. By applying pigheaded discipline and determination, we developed the only enterprise-grade commission-focused complete solution in the industry. It covers all aspects of commission management in an agency from start to finish.

1. Taking control of your commission schedules
2. Designing a powerful easy to manage transparent compensation strategy
3. Setting up a system of checks and balances that will detect commissions issues automatically, immediately and reliably
4. Collecting and massaging commission and policy data
5. Validating receivables
6. Calculating payables
7. Creating commission statements
8. Delivering commission statements to your payees
9. Providing agents with business intelligence on their book of business and commissions
10. Providing reporting for full control of the process

It doesn’t matter how many levels are in your hierarchy – one or twenty. It doesn’t matter how many transactions you’re processing in a commission statement, 100 or 100,000. It doesn’t matter how many producers you must keep up with. It doesn’t matter how convoluted your compensation arrangements. GreenWave will handle it all for you and improve your process, increase your team’s capacity 10-fold and decrease your costs 10 times.